Ocean Isle Watersports

Ocean-Isle-Water-SportsOcean Isle Watersports, located at The Ocean Isle Fishing Center, offers Jet Ski rentals as well as a variety of rentals power boats.

JET SKIS –  All watercraft are NEW YAMAHA VX110  wave runners.  They are 3-seater units, meaning they can accomodate up to 3 people.  A user must be 16 years or older to operate a wave runner without adult supervision and a user may be 14 years of age to operate a wave runner so long as an adult of 18 years or more accompanies the 14 year old.

Reservations are recommended 1-2 days in advance, but walk-ups will be accepted based on availability.  48 hour cancellation policy for all reservations- reservations cancelled within this 48 hour period are non-refundable.

You must be 18 years of age to rent a PWC and must show and/or demonstrate boat handling experience.  Be sure to read their rental policies before renting

Call (910) 616-4754 (4SKI) to make a reservations.

BOAT RENTALS – Ocean Isle Watersports offers  Pontoon Boats from the 22′ Hurricane Fun Deck to the 19′ Hurricane Fun Deck.

they also offer 18′ and 22′ fishing and cruising single hull powerboats by Sea Pro and Penn Craft.

Call 910-616-4754 to speak with an Ocean Isle Watersports Representative today.



Capt. Brant’s Fishing Adventures

Ocean Isle Fishing Center Ocean Isle Beach NC Sport-Fishing.jpgCapt. Brant, and The Ocean Isle Fishing Center, are proud to offer you two identical World Cat 33 TE boats for your fishing comfort and pleasure.

These boats feature huge fishing and lounging areas with an overall length of 33 feet and and 11 foot beam.

They are smooth, dry, fast and offer the conveniences of a larger boat (cabin/bathroom) and the fishability of a small boat (360 degree walk around fishing).

We truly believe these are THE BEST all around boats that we can offer.  Join us aboard the OIFC World Cat or Carolina Cat for great fishing adventures.


Kids Trip: 2 hours- A very introductory fishing, boating, and sight-seeing experience that keeps you within sight of land and may range as far as 3 miles offshore. Total fishing time is roughly 1.5 hours.
½ Day Near Shore: 4 hours- This trip will keep you within sight of land, typically fishing out to 5 miles offshore.
½ Day Off Shore: 6 hours- This trip will typically range out to 20 miles offshore.
Cape Fear Shark Drifting: 7hrs-  This trip will carry you to the famed and dangerous waters of the Cape Fear River Channel. Total fishing time is roughly 5 hours.
¾ Day Offshore: 8 hours- This trip will typically range out to 35 miles offshore. Total fishing time is roughly 5 ½ hours.
Full Day Off Shore: 10 hours- This trip will typically range out to 50 miles offshore. Total fishing time is roughly 7 hours.
Gulf Stream trolling and jigging: 13 hours- This trip will take you to the edge of the Gulf Stream and continental shelf, over 60 miles offshore where you will likely encounter some of the biggest, strongest and best eating game fish in the ocean. Total fishing time is roughly 9 hours.
Call 910-575-FISH to speak with an Ocean Isle Fishing Center Representative today. www.oifc.com/charter

How to Find Sand Dollars

How to Find Sand DollarsEven the most seasoned beachcomber is excited and pleased to find a whole, intact sand dollar on the beach. A common sand dollar is another name for a particular type of “flattened” sea urchin. The common sand dollar is found in the Northern Hemisphere in temperate and tropical waters. On a good day at Ocean Isle, Sunset or Holden Beach, you might find many sand dollars ranging in size from one to approximately four inches in diameter.

Sand dollars live on sandy or muddy flat areas of the ocean floor in shallow water near land. They often live in colonies. Female sand dollars release eggs that are fertilized externally. Interestingly, the newly hatched larvae can clone themselves as a means of self-defense. If threatened, they can double their numbers by halving their size, thereby lessening the chance of being detected. The larvae go through a few stages of development before forming an external skeleton that houses the animal’s internal organs. The skeleton is called a “test” and it is this sun-bleached skeleton that beachcombers find. If you find a sand dollar that is brownish and covered with short, dark, fur-like spines, the animal is alive and should not be removed from the beach.

A live sand dollar’s spines are covered with small hairs called “cilla.” By moving the cilla and spines, sand dollars are able to move across the sea beds in which they live. Mature sand dollars have few predators and can live up to ten years.

Beachcombers are most likely to find sand dollars at low tide, especially after a storm. The sun-bleached shells will be extremely fragile and will crumble or break easily. To preserve the sand dollars that you bring home, rinse them several times in fresh water, then soak them for 15 minutes in a water/bleach solution. When the sand dollars are dry, carefully paint them with a mixture that is half water and half white glue. The glue solution will make them less likely to break. Your beautiful sand dollars will last a long time if treated with care.

The Museum of Coastal Carolina has several sand dollars in its extensive shell collection. You can also see and handle live sea urchins in the museum’s touch tank. Through May 23 the museum is open on Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00. Admission is free for museum members. Non-member all-day admission is $8 for adults, $6 for seniors and students, $4 for ages 3-4, and free for ages 2 and under. For more information, call 910-579-1016 or visit www.MuseumPlanetarium.org.


OIB Ghost Walks

OIB Ghost Walks Ocean Isle BeachCome and hear about forgotten Civil War battles, haunted trains, lost ships, ghost planes, lights that baffle scientists, whiskey smugglers, haunted plantations, amazing apparitions, legends of lost treasure, and haunted houses, all here on Ocean Isle Beach!

The ghost walks take place every Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm on Ocean Isle and the groups will either meet at the public beach access between Salty’s and the Ocean Isle Pier for the Ocean Isle tour. The cost of the tour is $10 for each adult, and children ages 5 and under are free. Tours go from Memorial Day until Labor Day and resume again in October for Halloween.

The OIB Ghost Walk tours are approximately one mile long with stops along the way. In the event of severe weather, the tours will be cancelled and the price of the ticket will be refunded. Tickets are in advance on their website and also 10-15 minutes before the walk, so please arrive early.

For more information on OIB Ghost Walks visit www.oibghostwalk.com,  email [email protected] or call 910-221-4387.

Ocean Isle Beach Pier

Ocean Isle Beach Pier

The Ocean Isle Beach Pier is located at 1 W 1st St, Ocean Isle Beach, NC. For more information about the pier call 910-579-3095.

One of the favorite spots for vacationers and locals alike for 60 years! It’s filled with friendly smiling faces and a constant reminder that summer is here. The Ocean Isle Beach Fishing Pier is a great place to go have fun! The arcade features a large arcade room with a jukebox, video games, games of skill, games of chance, and billiards.

The pier’s grill serves as a local favorite spot for breakfast with tasty eggs, grits, omelets, biscuits, fluffy pancakes, and more, available all day! A lunch menu items of cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, crispy fries are also available.

Ocean Isle Beach Fishing Pier is a great spot for fishing, you can bring your own or rent fishing equipment. Fishing passes can be purchased for daily, weekly, or for season fishing. Fishermen can fish off the pier using the pier’s fishing license. The pier does not sell fishing licenses for off property fishing.

There is a $1 charge for adults walking the pier, admission for children under 6 are 50¢. The pier is privately owned and these funds go to help maintain the pier’s structure, lighting, and maintaining pier restrooms. Beachgoers only pay $5 to park all day and can come and go all day. Fishermen and restaurant patrons are not required to pay to park. See the parking attendant or fishing desk staff for your vehicle pass to display on your rearview mirror.

The Ocean Isle Beach Pier is located at 1 West 1st Street, Ocean Isle Beach, NC. For more information about the pier call 910-579-3095.

More information can be found on the Ocean Isle Beach NC Fishing Pier Facebook Page.

Ocean Isle Beach Pier


Ocean Isle Beach Shelling Guide

One of our favorite beach activities is collecting seashells! They’re a great reminder of time spent at the beach! You can find shells here year-round, but the best times are after a storm, early morning, or late evening; particularly, an hour before and an hour after low tide.

Here’s our Ocean Isle Beach North Carolina shell guide for some of the most common shells you’ll find on North Carolina’s beaches!

Keyhole Sand Dollar Shell GuideKeyhole Sand Dollar: This round sea urchin is tan to light brown and ranges in size from 5 to 6 inches. Its five slots look like keyholes.

Scotch Bonnet: The creamy white-colored shell has yellowish brown squares in rows and 20 spiral grooves on the body. It ranges in size from 1.5 to 4 inches. The Queen Helmet is a giant version of the Scotch Bonnet that can be as big as 10 inches. Its shell is mostly cream-colored outside with a rich chocolate brown interior. The lip, also called the shield, is large and contains 10 “teeth.”

Coquina Clam Shell Shell GuideCoquina Clam: Generally less than 2.5 cm (1 inch) in length, and is characterized by its smooth surface and its dual shell. They can range in color from orange, to brown, to purple, or pink with banded white or cream stripes.

Soft Shelled Clam: This clam is found living approximately 6–10 in (15–25 cm) under the surface of the mud. These shells are very thin and easily broken, hence the name “soft-shells.” They can be white, cream, brown, gold, or gray.

Banded Tulip: This smooth, gracefully shaped beauty has a moderately thin shell. Colors range from pearly gray with splotches of olive green or tan. It may also have dark brown bands in parallel lines around the shell, and can be from 2 to 4 inches.

Calico Scallop North Carolina Shell GuideAtlantic Bay Scallop: The shell of an Atlantic bay scallop is broadly fan shaped with more than 14 radial ribs. They usually have a molted pattern incorporating dark grey, black, or brown with orange, red, or yellow hues

Calico Scallop: This species grows up to three inches in maximum width, and is similar in shape and sculpturing to the Atlantic bay scallop. Both valves of the shell are cupped. The stripes are often more pronounced on the Calico and the colors feature pinks, reds, purples, oranges, and browns.

lightning whelk North Carolina Shell GuideLightning Whelk: This grayish-white shell has uneven purple brown streaks and can be recognized by its left-handed spiral. It can range in size from 4 to 16 inches.

Lettered Olive: The shell can be about 6 cm (2½ in) long (maximum size reaches 9.1 cm). It is a smooth, shiny, cylindrical shaped shell with a short sprire. The shell coloration can vary from cream to a greyish exterior with reddish-brown zigzag markings.

Saw Tooth Pen Shell: Look for this rough-and-tumble shell after a winter storm. Also thin and fragile, it has a 6- to 10-inch shell that’s ridged and colored a deep, smoky brown.

Moon Snail ShellAtlantic Jackknife Clam: This shell is most noted for its length. It is primarily a silver, gray color and is shaped like a straight razor. Also know as a razor clam, it gets its name from the rim of the shell being extremely sharp.

Moon Snail: The carnivorous creature that left behind this shell consumed three-to-four small clams per day. A moon snail shell measures 2 to 3.5 inches, has four or five whorls, and is typically lead gray with a glossy finish.


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